Who Needs Copywriting? Why a Copywriter Is Vital For Business

August 12, 2023

AI-generated copy may sound like a dream come true…but is it? Here’s when you need a copywriter to take over.

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Copywriting!? Why do I need copywriting in the era of viral videos and AI-generated everything?

Computers are putting humans on the back burner and allowing most of us to do the work of 5 or 6 different people, but does that really mean we can do everything with AI?

If you’re in the business of selling, the answer is probably not, and here’s why.

Think about your hours-long scroll sessions on the ‘gram (or TikTok, or Threads, or Facebook…you get the point). You’re taking in visual stimulation like it’s nobody’s business, but in the mix, you’re reading text on videos, captions of posts, and even clicking a few links on stories here and there.

Wanna know why? Clever. Captivating. Compelling. Copywriting.

Regardless of how many videos you take in, there will always be a text-based side of the equation, and if you’re a business, brand, entrepreneur, content creator, or whatever else, you’re going to want NEED copy that draws your followers in and makes them want to engage with what you’re offering.

Before you go tumbling down a rabbit hole of “Do I need a copywriter?” let me stop you. Your favorite fizzy friend is here to dish the deets on exactly who can benefit from copywriting services.

The “I-Can-Do-It-All” Business Owner:

You’re a boss in more ways than one. You’re the owner, the social media manager, the content creative, the marketing department, the customer service admin; you’re the BOSS.

But here’s the thing, nobody can do it all! Not even you.

While your childhood trauma may make you think you can overachieve and succeed in EVERYTHING, it’s nearly impossible…I’ve tried. Plus, there just aren’t enough hours in the day, and isn’t being the boss all about giving yourself MORE time, not less?

While you focus on honing your expertise, let a seasoned copywriter handle the art of persuasion. Whether you need to refresh your website copy or clever social media captions that speak to your audience, hiring a copywriter will boost your biz while leaving you more time to work on what you do best – bossin’.

The “I-Can-Barely-Write-an-Email” Entrepreneur:

Let’s face it; not everyone is blessed with the gift of gab. #sorrynotsorry

While yours truly could write a short novel when simply recalling a time the grocery store ran out of my favorite cookies and I had to scour the neighboring town stores to find them before I went on a PMS-driven rampage….not everyone can do the same.

Luckily, you’re not required to. Those perfectly formulated emails you’d love to send to your following are just a copywriter away!

Bring on a copywriter to help transform your jumbled ideas into eloquent prose that resonates with your audience to boost email entertainment.


better subject lines = better open rates

better open rates = increased email clicks

increased CTR = more sales for you

Still, think you should write your own e-mails?

The “Why-Isn’t-Anyone-Engaging-With-My-Posts” Marketer:

Two hours of in-phone editing later, and you’re making a social media post guaranteed to go viral – at least, you thought so. Seeing minimal plays and a couple of spam comments on your hard work can be pretty damn defeating.

Before you relinquish all hope and swear off social media forever, know there’s another way! A skilled copywriter knows the secret formula (they teach us) required to write captions that connect with your audience.

Having a social media copywriter helps turn those flop posts into engagement-worthy content that makes those thumbs pause, double-tap, and hit that follow button. The best part? At least if a post flops (which isn’t 100% avoidable), you know your copywriter is the one weeping and not you 😉

The “I’m-Too-Busy-to-Update-My-Website” Weekend Warrior:

You haven’t cut the ties with your 9 to 5 yet, and you’re spending weekends getting your entrepreneurial groove on. I see you; get that grind!

In the meantime, you’ve thrown up a website in a hurry…or maybe you’ve had it sitting collecting dust for a bit. It happens to the best of us (even me…no judgment here). The issue with saying that you’ll get around to it is…well…that you never DO get around to it.

Those missed SEO opportunities, 404 pages, and copy-pasted product descriptions are holding you back! Let me say that again – A COPYWRITER CAN FINALLY SET YOU FREE FROM THAT DAY JOB!

Your website is your virtual storefront, and its shelves need regular restocking. No one wants to walk into a grocery store to empty shelves and COVID flashbacks. Don’t let outdated and unbranded content turn away potential customers.

A copywriter is there to bring your brand to life with fresh words that guide visitors seamlessly through your digital domain rather than them leaving the moment they step in the door.

The “But-Everyone-Uses-Template-Copy” Brand Owner:

bUt TeMpLaTeS aRe So CoNvEnIeNt *eye roll*

I get it; templates are convenient, but they’re also about as unique as a grain of sand on a beach. Not only are there bazillions (yes, I counted), but they are worn down, overused, and washed up – literally.

Now, I’m not saying that ALL templates need to be avoided. Plenty of small creative agencies are putting out weekly, monthly, and seasonal templates full of original content. Feel free to support those small bizzies and make your life easier in the process.

What I’m talking about is the sea of Canva templates you see plastered all over your feed and captions generated by AI with generic prompts. Those may be a simple solution for now, but they certainly won’t work in your favor when you want to make an impact and drive your business sales, follows, or engagement.

You’re setting your brand up to be the wallflower at the school dance when we all know you’re full of moves you’re ready to bust out on the dancefloor. Share that brand personality across your socials with a copywriter. They’re there to build your brand’s voice and help set you apart from the sea of sameness we’re all floating in.

The “My- Product-Descriptions-aren’t-Converting” Online Seller:

You sourced the highest-ranking products, built a custom website, and have bomb-ass product photos, but still aren’t seeing the sales roll in like you planned…

Let me ask you – did you copy/paste your product descriptions? Maybe you wrote a little something while you were crunched for time? Or perhaps you didn’t include anything at all except a few specs and sizes?

Tsk, tsk. Fizzies, if you’re going to see real sales, you need to treat your products like real products. That means bringing on a copywriter to sculpt perfect product descriptions consistent with your brand’s voice and inspire a click of the “Add to Cart” button.

The best part? They’re chock-full of SEO goodness that helps rank your product pages on Google. More eyes on your products means, you guessed it, more sales!

Human Emotion > AI Copywriting

There’s a laundry list of things that AI is great at.

Editing photos

Generating ideas

Turning our selfies into superheroes

What it’s not great at is mimicking human emotion. Asking ChatGPT to write the eulogy for your grandma’s funeral or vows for your wedding probably isn’t going to leave a lasting memory (or at least a good one) in anyone’s mind.

Certain situations NEED that human connection, and the sales world is one of them.

You want to draw in your following, hook your ideal clients, and snag those product purchases – that requires human emotion to flow through your writing and the ability to use certain words and phrases that will sway the decisions of those reading your copy.

At SocialFIZZ, our saucy, no-frills copywriters thrive on turning your thoughts into the connections that drive results. That’s one offering that’s part of our FIZZ, and we’re damn proud of it.

If you want to learn more about our copywriting services, you can explore all of our awesome right here.

Whether you choose us or not, just don’t be that person using AI-generated copy everywhere. It’s kinda cringe and not a good look for anyone, including you.

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